RootsTech 2020 Giveaway Winner!

I am excited to announce the winner of my RootsTech 2020 conference registration pass giveaway!

And the winner is…..

Julie K. !

A little bit about the winner…

Julie is the wife of Mike,  mother of 5 daughters (she had 4 brothers and one sister growing up). Julie is a professional musician, ironman athlete and an avid genealogist! Her parents have prayed for decades that someone would be able to keep their passion of genealogy alive in the family. They received their wish 4 years ago when Julie’s life changed forever in Brugges, Belgium. She met a lady on a corner and I ended up researching her family up to 9 generations and 9,000+ people. This lit the fire for family history research in her heart forever. Now Julie is helping her Brazilian sister in law with her family research which involves Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Japan!

Winner Julie K.

Congratulations to Julie! More exciting speaker announcements for RootsTech will be coming soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the the Road to RootsTech vlog series!

DISCLAIMER: In return for this promotion, I received a free pass to attend. All opinions are my own.

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