VGA Conference Registration Giveaway: And the winner is…

Have you registered for the VGA Virtual Conference yet? TODAY, October 18th, is the DEADLINE!

Without further adieu, the winner of my giveaway is…. DRUM ROLL…

Melinda Howard! Here’s a brief background on her genealogical research!

Melinda began her interest in genealogy research about eight years ago when several cousins gathered for a memorial service for their oldest cousin and all shared the same family story they had heard about their great-grandfather being the illegitimate son of a German maid and her employer, a Jewish merchant.

The mother and son immigrated to Saint Louis, where she married and her son took the name of her husband, a standard English name, which has been held in high regard in the family. Not knowing her great-great-grandmother’s maiden name or the town she was from, Melinda’s curiosity about the story started her on a quest which eventually led her to discovering the birth record of her great-grandfather which did list him as “illegitimate.” She was soon able to visit the town of his and his mother’s birth, Neiderhorbach, in southwestern Germany. She was officially hooked!

Melinda found that her teaching part-time as an adjunct was interfering with her family research and fully retired last year in order to have more time to learn about her and her husband’s families. She has also helped in-laws and friends. She considers the learning curve as challenging as getting another advanced degree!

Congratulations Melinda!

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