RootsTech 2019 Pass Giveaway Winner

I am exited to announce the winner of my RootsTech 2019 giveaway is Jennifer Henrickson!

Jennifer currently resides in Utah, and was born and raised in California. Her family roots are in the South, and she recently went on a research trip to Virginia. She loves genealogy, history, reading (mostly non fiction), sewing, sleeping as much as humanly possible, watching cartoons with her child, and traveling when funds and vacation days permit. Someday, she would like to transition into helping others find the joy in learning about their family history, but for now she’s working on growing her skills & knowledge, expanding her own family tree, and making sure her family stories are told for generations to come. You can find Jennifer on Twitter! The Secular Genealogist (@seculargenealog). Be sure to follow her so you can keep up with her RootsTech journey!

Jennifer Henrickson

“My introduction to family history was trying to build a family tree in the fourth grade and discovering that my parents didn’t even know the names of all of their grandparents. They were the first in their families to grow up outside of the South and were the products of parents who moved west, took almost nothing with them, and never looked back (my tree was a sad little sapling that year). I started sticking my toes back into the genealogy waters in my 20’s and more seriously about four years ago and was surprised to learn about a big family mystery, one that I felt called to solve (after a few thousand hours of research and many DNAs tests, I did just that earlier this year). It’s been a pretty all consuming obsession ever since.” 

While my giveaway has ended, there are still several other giveaways still open!       

I am listing some here for your convenience! Even if you don’t enter, you should do yourself a favor and follow these awesome genealogists!

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Orthodox Genealogist – Sam Williams

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