Family History Month 2018 Activities & AncestryDNA Kit Giveaway

October is not only the best month of the year (at least in my opinion), it is even more special because it is Family History Month!

How do you celebrate October? In our home, we have an annual tradition of attending “Character Day” at a local family farm. The kids love dressing up early in their Halloween costumes and meeting various fairy tale princesses and superheros. Then, we feed farm animals, and have some good old fashioned farm fun! At the end of the day, they get to pick out a pumpkin to take home.

We also love decorating the front yard with lots of pumpkins and Fall colors. We visit a local garden stand and pick out pumpkins, mums and other Fall friendly plants. These become the foundation of our decor for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love that I can enjoy the decorations for two full months.

Another tradition have started is taking my children to visit cemeteries where their ancestors are buried. Ok- I get that some of you who are new to family history research may find this entirely creepy! I have been pleasantly surprised at how my daughter processes this and how it helps her conceptualize her family tree. Last October, we made an impromptu stop at a cemetery to locate her great-great grandparents on her father’s side. Next week we hope to get in a visit to a family cemetery in Arkansas. As our son gets older, I look forward to including him in this activity.

Ella at Haggard

Studies have shown that children who know their family history have a stronger sense of control over their lives, and higher self-esteem. I have linked some great articles below for additional reading if you are looking to begin teaching your children about their own family history. Additionally, my friend Emily has some fun and easy crafts for kiddos over at her awesome blog, Growing Little Leaves.

As part of my celebration of Family History Month, I am having TWO great giveaways! The first is an AncestryDNA kit with and up to one hour consultation on the results.*

In order to enter, please visit and like my Instagram account . Then, make a comment on what you hope to learn from a DNA test. Bonus entries for tagging a friend.

My second giveaway is a 4-Day Pass to RootsTech 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 27th to March 2nd, 2019! Stay tuned as I will be giving this pass away later this month! In the meantime, check out the RootsTech blog post on some great activities for the whole family to celebrate family history month!

5 Activities for the Whole Family to Celebrate Family History Month

Here are the articles regarding children learning their family history. I hope you find them helpful on your journey!

Why Children Need to Know Their Family History- The Guardian

How Family Stories Shape Our Identities- Family Search Blog

How Children Benefit From Learning Their Family History- CNN

The Stories that Bind Us – The New York Times

*Take a moment and read my blog on an Introduction to DNA. Please understand that DNA testing can have unexpected results, including discovering that family members may not be biological family members and/or you may find biological relatives that you did not previously know. The selected winner will be required to sign an informed consent agreement prior to being shipped the DNA kit. This giveaway is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ancestry or AncestryDNA.

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Family History Month 2018

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