Here I raise my Ebenezer

“Thousands of Southerners moved west for opportunity…..” Over the past years, Roots and Recall has received numerous queries dealing with families having moved from the Carolinas. It seems destinations in Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas have drawn the most attention.

via Moving West — Roots and Recall

As you may have learned from reading my previous posts, the southern arm of my Garrison roots originated in the community of Ebenezer in York County, South Carolina. In the years immediately following the Civil War, many members of the community moved to Warren, Bradley County, Arkansas. Some of those that went west included my 4th great grandparents, James and Violet Simril, and my 3rd great grandparents, Major Brown and Mary Jane Garrison. Many other names I have seen in Bradley County are names familiar to me from the documents and records in Ebenezer.

I have been a follower of the Roots and Recall blog since I myself began blogging. I have kept in touch with Wade Fairey, managing partner of the site, and we have exchanged information over the years on the Garrison and related families. If you have any South Carolina roots, this is a blog you really should be following.

I am very excited that a trip later this year, will allow me to finally meet the Roots and Recall team, and allow me another trip to the Ebenezer community. The last time I visited, I was in graduate school and just getting started on my true genealogy journey. I have learned so much since my last visit, and things will hold much more meaning.

My 4th great grandfather, Peter Garrison, was a prominent member of the Ebenezer Community. His home is still standing and is pictured above, courtesy of Wade at R&R. His favorite hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, has become one of my own. The first part of the second verse is my favorite, as it has a special second meaning to me and my connection to this home place.

Here I raise my Ebenezer

Here there by Thy Great help I’ve come

And I hope, by Thy good pleasure

Safely to arrive at home.

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