The Space Between

Being a wife, mother of two littles, and working full time, leaves me little time for extra activities. In the space between family and work responsibilities I have managed to carve out time for my genealogical activities, though it has taken some new and interesting paths I hadn’t expected! Here’s an update on what’s been going on in my world of late.

My last blog post, Southern Heritage. It’s Complicated, was highlighted by Judy G. Russell, in her must. always. read. blog, The Legal Genealogist. I was incredibly honored that it inspired her, and that it seemed so well received given the controversy surrounding the issue.  I am delighted that this post was  was also highlighted on the 200th episode of the great podcast & radio show, Extreme Genes! Be on the lookout for an interview with me on their upcoming episode!

Additionally, I have been having so much fun with my roles in both NextGen Genealogy Network and the Oklahoma Genealogical Society. If you haven’t watched one of the episodes of Faces of NextGen LIVE!, you really should check out our YouTube channel and catch up on our great interviews. It has been fun helping out behind the scenes promoting this show, hosted by fellow NextGen member, Eric Wells of Legacy Left Right. I have enjoyed getting to know my NextGen leadership colleagues, and want to thank Melanie Frick of Homestead Genealogy, for bringing me into the fold, and to Melanie McComb, of The Shamrock Genealogist, for being a great advocate for NextGen.

Summer Sizzler

In May, I joined the board of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society and I am so excited about our upcoming Summer Sizzler workshop, August 4th and 5th! We have two days planned of great speakers and sessions. I look forward to working with this dedicated board. Our board President, Mike Birdsong, and I have discussed ways to grow our younger membership. “OGS will begin to offer a new membership category to reach younger genealogists. As President of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, the two things I hear often from genealogists is, I wish I had started doing genealogy earlier and who in my family is going to pick up where I leave off?” This is a question I know so many ask and we are enthusiastic about expanding our outreach in this area.

Another eagerly anticipated August endeavor is a two day, intensive webinar with Baylor University’s Institute of Oral History.  Learning more about this area of historical research will provide me with different tools to make me a better family historian.

Finally, in October I will be traveling to my home state to attend the Arkansas Genealogical Society’s Fall Conference. D. Joshua Taylor is the speaker, and happens to be one of the original founders of NextGen Genealogy Network. I hope to squeeze in a visit to the Arkansas State Archives while there. There’s no better place to be in the Fall!

I am so grateful for the many new experiences and the wonderful people I have met in the space I have carved out between the regular demands of life. There are two active research projects I working on as time allows. One involves my Holmes line and a possible connection from that line to the Mayflower. The other is researching the identity of an African American woman that appears in a Garrison family photo taken in the few years after emancipation. As these projects progress, you can be sure I will share them with you!

Happy researching!

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