January 2016 Reading Recap

Here is a link to some online articles and posts related to genealogy I found interesting and helpful this month.

  1. The NextGen Genealogy Network’s  Education Hangout on Self-Editing Your Work
  2. The NextGen Genealogy Network’s Blog Post about preparing for your first genealogy conference.  I am not attending RootsTech this year (darn!), but it will be very helpful to start planning for next year!
  3. Public Radio International (PRI) online article about how one student used documents and DNA to find her slave ancestors.
  4. Who is Nicka Smith? posted a great blog about tracing slaveholders- it isn’t as easy as they make it look on TV.
  5. Amy Johnson Crow’s blog post on knowing your archives websites. A good reminder!
  6. Desperately Seeking Surnames’ blog post from 2013 that I stumbled upon in a tweet! “I’m a Genealogist and I Know It,” made me laugh with appreciation!
  7. National Public Radio (NPR) had this article  “DNA, Genealogy and the Search for Who We Are.” This one I had mixed feelings on. Did you read it? What are your thoughts?

What articles or blogs did you enjoy or find helpful in January?  Share them!

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