I am not generally one for making resolutions.  If anything, I just hope to do a little better than the year before. But I never really set a high bar because I believe you can change the course of your life at any time during the year if you so choose.

Having said that, I have seen a number of my fellow genie friends and bloggers post resolutions or goals for the new year.  Since blogging and serious genealogical research are still pretty new to me, I thought it would probably be better to set some goals for the year just to keep me focused.  Working full time and having a family (with and addition on the way I might add), makes it easy to forget things- A LOT of things!  But if I write them here, and share them with you, then there’s a bit more accountability involved!

So, here goes everything!

  1. Establish a real work area for my research and blogging.  Right now, my records and books are strewn about the house.  Mostly, it’s in a big pile in the corner of my dining room taking up a dining chair.  It looks like it will tumble over any day!  I use a laptop to write and research, so it just moves with me as needed, which will still probably happen some.  But, I would really love to establish even just a corner where I can set up a paper filing system and be able to leave working documents out without fear of a precocious three year old, dog or cat getting to them!  Home office blue
  2. Attend as many local genealogical classes as possible.  As a member of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society (OGS), I am SO excited about several upcoming classes they are offering in addition to their usual monthly meeting.  As I can’t attend any big conferences such as Roots Tech this year due to work demands and saving up leave time for Baby Wylie #2 to arrive, and I am having to postpone taking the certification course I wanted knowing I will be very preoccupied when the baby arrives, I am thankful that OGS is offering some great classes.
  3. Invest in a genealogical database.  I am really embarrassed to admit that I do not yet have a database.  I have primarily used my Ancestry account, but I have now amassed a number of documents and photos I need to scan and upload into a program, as well as keeping a hard copy file, I can’t put this off any longer.  I had toyed around with Family Tree Maker, but as Ancestry has announced they will no longer be selling it or supporting it after next year, I will most likely purchase Roots Magic.  I have heard great things. Anyone want to give a plug to their favorite program?
  4. Attend a blogging conference. Even though I blog about genealogy, there is a whole world to learn about blogging in general, whatever the topic. I hope to attend the Oklahoma Women Bloggers Mini Conference in February to network and learn from other great women bloggers in the area. Oklahoma Women Bloggers
  5. Get through my Garrison brick wall.  This one is deeply personal.  I believe that Arthur Garrison, a DAR recognized Patriot, is the father of Josina Garrison, my 4th great grandfather.  All of the evidence I have collected from various places and people who have researched it before me says that he is.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a primary source (will, probate, bible record, ANYTHING) that confirms this.  Church records were burned around 1900. I will be discussing more about my search to prove Josina Garrison’s paternity in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

    From geneapalooza.blogspot.com
  6. Focus more on my maternal line. I have written a bit about my mother’s Igous and Holleys.  I need to look more into those lines but also the Roberts, Edwards, and Macks, just to name a few. As her side of the family didn’t seem to keep and pass down as much information as my father’s side, it has been harder to get started.
  7. Delve into my husband’s side.  I have a little thus far with the Wylie family mystery, but his Haggards, Hammers, Lanhams and Calmers are also waiting for me. I feel it is important for my daughter and soon to be new Baby Wylie to know both sides of their family history. Even if they don’t appreciate it until they are well into adult-hood!
  8. Be consistent with my blogging.  I haven’t quite found the rhythm. Is weekly too much for me? Monthly too little? With all of the other demands life brings, I want this to be a fun outlet and not just another thing I have to get done.deadline  I want to blog when I am inspired to blog, and not because of self-imposed pressure. So, whatever the frequency I decide, I hope to stick with it.


There you have it. I think it is a reasonable list that I can comfortably achieve, yet still has some wiggle room for interpreting how I define success for each.  What are your genealogy resolutions for the New Year?

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