Crestleaf’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds- October 2015: The Holleys

A few months ago, I completed a DNA test that put me in a DNA circle with descendants of Thomas L. Holley (1803-1845).  Initially, I thought this was on my mother’s line.  Her first name is Holley, which is a family name from her maternal grandmother’s family of which I have done some limited research.  I didn’t really look at this DNA circle right away, as I have been working on some other lines. This weekend I took a closer look and discovered this Thomas L. Holley is on my father’s line! Curious as to whether there was a connection between the two Holley lines, I started my research!

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Fun Friday- The Leibster Award

Confession time. I was nominated for the Liebster Award a few months ago by Hillary at 918 Plate. I totally didn’t understand what that meant until my friend Amy at The Gifted Gabber blog nominated me today!  I guess I am still pretty new to the blogging world to not know exactly what that meant!  The Liebster Award is a way to promote and discover new bloggers. Thanks to both of these talented ladies for following my blog and nominating me! They both have impressive culinary skills of which I am highly envious. Because of them I am excited to participate and nominate some great bloggers as well! Continue reading “Fun Friday- The Leibster Award”

October- Family History Month

October has the privilege of being my favorite month of the year and being the official month for a number of worthy causes and interests! Some of them include: Liver Awareness Month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This glorious month also happens to be Family History Month! In honor of this month I am going to do my first giveaway! I will be accepting submissions for a drawing I will hold at the end of the month to do research for one lucky individual!  The research will help me expand my experiences in researching new lines and also hopefully shed new light on the winner’s family history!

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