Top 10 Things I Can’t Wait to Do In Little Rock This Weekend

Crossing the Oklahoma-Arkansas state line always gives me a thrill. As soon as I have passed that sign, I immediately feel at home even though Little Rock is still about three hours away. While my “new” home is in Oklahoma City, nothing can quite compare to the comfort one’s favorite faces and places bring.


10. Go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday in the River Market District. Believe it or not, I never went when I lived there! Shame on me! I just hope I am not crazy for going in August. August in Arkansas is beyond miserable!
Little Rock River Market
9. Check out the Oscar de la Renta: American Icon exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Center. Oh Sharon! Jackie O and Ivana may need to make an appearance here!

President Bill Clinton & Oscar de la Renta at the exhibit opening in Little Rock.
President Bill Clinton & Oscar de la Renta at the exhibit opening in Little Rock.

8. Drive down Kavanaugh Blvd. I just love the Heights and Hillcrest Historic Districts. So gracious and charming!
7. Eat real cheese dip. It’s just not the same in OKC. White Cheesy goodness and a frosty beverage with a best friend. Perfection!

Queso and beer at Local Lime.
Queso and beer at Local Lime.

6. Drink a glass of wine overlooking the Arkansas River. Oklahoma City has the Oklahoma River but it isn’t quite the same despite it being a world class rowing venue. The citizens of OKC don’t gravitate to the river like they do in Little Rock. Like many Southern cities, the river is its heart and soul. I can’t wait to drink in its natural loveliness and that glass of wine!

Arkansas River looking West.
Arkansas River looking West.

5. Call the Hogs! First Razorback game of the year! New season, new coach, new start! Enough said.

4. Walk the Base Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. This may be ambitious given my time constraints and the fact I haven’t been to the gym since being pregnant, but it is by far one of the things I miss most about Little Rock. It is so nice having a place like this so close to the city, where you can get in touch with mother nature. I love the earthy smells, the gorgeous trees and the solitude of being outdoors. Most people prefer to hike to the top of the mountain. I am not particularly fond of heights which works out well as the Base Trail has less traffic and also happens to have two memorial benches to my brother. I like to sit and “visit” with him.
Pinnacle Mtn
3. See friends. Lots of friends. I try to plan so many visits in so little time. I always over commit. However, one thing I love about Little Rock is that I always see someone I know out and about!

2. Show Ella off to those who haven’t yet seen her and those who haven’t seen her in awhile. We will teach her how to Call the Hogs! Don’t worry honey, she will have the rest of the season to cheer for the Cowboys!

Ella sporting her Little Rock onesie.
Ella sporting her Little Rock onesie.

1. Sunday morning breakfast with my parents. Coffee and cinnamon rolls over the High Profile section of the Sunday Democrat-Gazette and Meet The Press on television. It’s a tradition.

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